ACE Recycling, located in Tolleson, Arizona, is dedicated to electronic recycling and repair, promoting an environmentally responsible approach to disposing of electronic equipment. Our circular economy model prioritizes repairing and upgrading electronics over recycling, with on-site IT professionals determining if a device is reusable. We ensure the responsible recycling of irreparable electronics by disassembling devices and extracting raw materials for reuse. Established in 2012 under OCM Recycle West and later acquired by Shelby Maguire in 2019, ACE Recycling remains committed to environmental responsibility and community engagement.

Helping companies achieve sustainability through participation in a circular economy

Our focus on reducing landfill waste, educating about the impact of electronic waste, and active community involvement sets us apart. We have enhanced our recycling network, disposal processes, and security protocols to ensure responsible electronic waste management. Our small, dedicated team operates like a family, providing a unique and tailored customer experience that we believe you deserve. Join us in creating a sustainable and responsible approach to electronic waste disposal.

At ACE Recycling, we are not just about raising awareness about the impact of electronic waste but also about helping companies achieve their sustainability goals. By sharing reliable information on our blog and social media, we empower businesses to make informed decisions. Through the circular economy model and partnerships with local businesses, we actively reduce landfill waste and protect the environment. Companies collaborating with ACE Recycling can significantly decrease their environmental footprint and receive a Certificate of Responsible Disposal, tangible proof of their ethical recycling practices. We are committed to sustainability and adherence to industry standards and laws to keep materials in circulation, safeguard the environment, and provide affordable technology to the community. Join ACE Recycling in prioritizing sustainability to protect the planet and meet the increasing consumer demand for authentic environmental efforts.

Comparison of Linear, Recycling and Circular Economy

ACE Recycling’s Commitment to Sustainability

ACE Recycling is about reducing waste, lessening environmental impact, and partnering with businesses to help them thrive. Companies are responsible to the community for the environment for several compelling reasons: they rely on local resources, significantly affect the environment through their operations, and influence the local economy and community. Taking responsibility for their environmental impact and implementing sustainable practices can contribute to preserving natural resources and creating a safer and healthier environment for everyone. Moreover, prioritizing sustainability can increase customer loyalty, improve brand reputation, and reduce business operating costs. At ACE Recycling, sustainability is not just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. We have implemented various policies and practices to reduce our environmental impact, promote sustainability, and continuously seek new ways to improve efficiency and minimize waste. We encourage businesses, partners, and community members to join us in creating a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Living

Community-oriented approach to electronic waste recycling

ACE Recycling’s community approach to electronic waste recycling is deeply rooted in a commitment to education and collaboration with non-profit organizations. Shelby, carrying on the legacy established by Patty and Kate, has partnered with The Homeless Youth Connection to support homeless students in Arizona to graduate from high school. ACE Recycling has also worked with Drink Local, Drink Tap, and Steps of Love, among others, to provide clean drinking water in Africa and to support local schools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ACE Recycling provided low-cost or no-cost laptops to help local students stay connected to schooling. The ACE Recycling Blog not only educates about the environmental impact of electronic waste but also promotes transparency about the company’s policies and practices. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness about electronic waste and promote a circular economy for a more sustainable future. We invite you to be a part of this journey.

Dedication to achieving a healthy environment for future generations

ACE Recycling is deeply committed to creating a healthier environment for future generations. Our comprehensive sustainability policy encompasses a circular waste model, community engagement, paper reduction, energy reduction, water reduction, efficient logistics, employee education, and continuous improvement. We strive to keep waste out of landfills, preserve the integrity of the environment, and provide affordable technology to the community. Our dedication to a circular economy has a positive impact on both the environment and society. We rigorously adhere to sustainability best practices and ensure compliance with EPA guidelines and local laws. Working with responsible partners, we recycle various materials, including challenging items like ink, toner, and TVs.

Additionally, we offer sustainable, reliable, and affordable technology options while addressing accessibility barriers and environmental issues. Our educational outreach programs inform the community about the ecological effects of electronic waste and promote recycling practices. Furthermore, we actively reduce paper, energy, water, and fuel consumption through our sustainable practices.

Educate the Community and Employees about Electronic Waste

Alignment with organizations sharing our mission and values

ACE Recycle is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded organizations that recognize the significance of responsible electronic waste disposal. Sustainable living should be straightforward and economical for all. We are enthusiastic about identifying and engaging with forward-thinking companies that facilitate the adoption of sustainable practices at an affordable cost. We stress the importance of supporting companies with shared environmental values and objectives. By partnering with ACE Recycling, your organization can benefit from comprehensive IT services, recycling, and data destruction, all designed to help you reduce your environmental impact. We uphold ethical recycling standards per NIST, EPA, and local laws, ensuring peace of mind. Our commitment to maintaining the circulation of materials to protect the environment and enable the community’s access to affordable technology is unwavering. ACE Recycling urges businesses to prioritize sustainability and unite in the mission to preserve the planet. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Partnering to achieve mutual sustainability goals

Working with ACE Recycling benefits your organization in several ways. First, ACE Recycling provides complimentary pick-up and palletization of electronic waste, helping you reclaim office space and bid farewell to clutter and surplus equipment. Our team manages all the heavy lifting, offering flexible scheduling options to suit your business requirements. Additionally, ACE Recycling has launched a new service that provides customers with a Gaylord and a pallet for effortless waste collection. This service contributes to the company’s goal of operating efficiently, professionally, and sustainably. ACE Recycling also offers certified data destruction services, following strict standards outlined in the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology report. We guarantee data security and provide a serialized Data Destruction Report accessible on a secure Customer Portal.

Our company is dedicated to maximizing the value of your electronic assets and ensuring the security of your data. We understand the importance of asset management and data security in today’s business environment, and we are committed to providing reliable and efficient services to support your business operations. With a strong focus on asset management and data security, ACE Recycling is your trusted partner for all electronic asset needs. Our dedication to outstanding customer service and security is evident in our transparent practices. By contacting ACE Recycling, a company can contribute to preserving natural resources, reducing environmental impact, and improving brand reputation while receiving support for their sustainability efforts.

ACE Recycling offers a variety of no cost services For Business

What is your company’s current protocol for Electronic Waste?

Have you ever considered how your company manages electronic waste? It’s crucial to be aware of the procedures to guarantee responsible disposal. Numerous organizations have implemented strict protocols for electronic waste disposal to ensure environmentally responsible management. This typically involves selecting a certified e-waste recycler or disposal service, ensuring secure data wiping from all devices, and coordinating the collection and transportation of the e-waste to the designated facility. Adhering to local regulations and environmental standards when disposing of electronic waste within organizations is crucial.

Collaboration for a greener future

ACE Recycling prioritizes sustainable electronic waste practices and partners with like-minded companies committed to raising awareness about the impact of electronic waste. We offer various services to help organizations reduce their environmental impact. If your company is considering electronic waste disposal, consider collaborating with ACE Recycling to make a positive impact. We are eager to align our values and work together towards a common goal. Let’s collaborate and make a positive impact together! Sustainability is at the core of our mission at ACE Recycling. We specialize in upcycling, reusing, repairing, and redistributing electronic devices to prevent them from ending in landfills. Our commitment to quality and environmental protection makes us a reliable partner for companies looking to embrace a greener future. Join us in making a difference!

ACE Recycling prioritizes sustainable electronic waste practices and partners with like-minded companies committed to raising awareness about the impact of electronic waste.