ACE Recycling is an ultra-small business with five employees, including business owner Shelby Maguire. Each team member plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of ACE Recycling. Our team is stronger than the sum of its parts, and even though we are small, we are powerful as a unit.

ACE Recycling is dedicated to preserving the environment, keeping customer information safe, and contributing to the community by providing education and service. We aim to give back by offering cost-effective electronics and reducing our environmental footprint. Our team at ACE Recycling shares our commitment to these objectives, and their enthusiasm is evident in the quality of our service. We continuously strive to find responsible ways to dispose of waste, and our team takes pride in their efforts. We invite you to get to know our staff better by reading their profiles below.



Meet Andy Kent, our Warehouse Lead who oversees the team responsible for handling your electronic waste. Andy ensures everything runs smoothly, from organizing pallets for pick-up to sorting materials for third-party recycling. He joined ACE Recycling in September 2020 and has proven to be a hard worker who gets things done efficiently without compromising quality. Although Andy is known for his mysterious and intriguing personality, he is also famous for taking cheese stick breaks and podcasts.


In January 2021, Jordon joined the team at ACE Recycling. His role involves managing the inventory displayed on our customer portal. Jordon meticulously records relevant information about every computer and laptop that comes through our doors in our database before passing the hard drives to Charlie for data erasure. He is patient and incredibly detail-oriented, and his colleagues at ACE appreciate his work. Jordon is also known for his stylish and cool socks.


In November 2021, Brandon Flores became an intern with the GateWay Community College Technology Support Specialist Apprenticeship Program at ACE Recycling. After the internship, he decided to continue working with ACE. Brandon is our reliable IT technician and also manages inventory. His colleagues know him for his vast random trivia knowledge and eagerness to assist others.



At ACE Recycling, Charlie Houston holds the position of Office Manager. Her primary responsibility is customer service. She attends to phone calls and manages the info email address. Charlie also arranges the pick-up schedule. She values her role and places the customer as her top priority. Charlie has been with ACE Recycling longer than the present owners. She began her employment in May 2018 at OCM Recycle West. Even under pressure, Charlie maintains a positive attitude, keeping the atmosphere light and pleasant at ACE Recycling.


Shelby Maguire owns ACE Recycling. She is responsible for the social media and blog content of ACE Recycling. With her educational and scientific background, she has a good grasp of the ecological impact of electronic waste. As an educator, she is also aware of the community’s needs and highly values community service. Shelby’s passion for science and learning is evident in her informative blogs for ACE Recycling. Her colleagues also appreciate her enlightening lunchtime conversations.


Get to know the ACE Recycling team through their own words with a brief introduction of each member.

Andy Kent

Warehouse Lead

My name is Andy. I am originally from Dewitt, Iowa, and have been in Arizona for 25 years. I have four daughters with my wife, Michelle. We have a dog, Midnight and a cat named, Psycho. I have done many things for work over the years, including working as a correctional officer and owning a FedEx route. I enjoy boating and other outdoor activities in my spare time, but I especially like driving my Mustang. 

Jordon Robinson

Inventory Specialist

My name is Jordon Robinson. Originally from Oklahoma, I have been in Arizona for two year. I have two younger sisters. I have been interested in computers since I was very young. I took a computer capstone class in high school, was in Robotics Club all four years, and was the president of the Club my senior year. I started working for ACE Recycling to gain more hands-on knowledge about computers and to do my part to help protect our environment. In my free time, I enjoy playing board games, having movie nights, and pretending I am funny with friends (don’t let him fool you, he is hilarious)!    

Brandon Flores

Inventory & IT

My name is Brandon Flores. I am 24 years old and have two older brothers. I spend most of my spare time playing games with friends on Discord. My all-time favorite franchises are Metal Gear Solid and Yakuza. I also love anime and wish to go to Japan once I learn the language. I was born in California and have only been in Arizona for two years. I am currently interning with ACE Recycling through GateWay Community College. I am proud to be a part of the Technology Support Specialist Apprenticeship. I love working here at ACE Recycling and am learning as much as I can while here.

Charlie Houston

Office Manager

Originally from Bethany, Missouri, I have been in Phoenix for 22 years, minus a year and a half in Washington. I have four sisters and two brothers, who have given me ten nieces and nephews. I have two great-nephews and one great-niece. I have over 20 years of experience in customer service. I enjoy making people smile and creating relationships with customers. My experience working in restaurants, receptionist positions, and everything in between has taught me the value of a hassle-free customer experience. I’m the Head of Amazingness here at ACE Recycling! I do everything from answering the phones and scheduling your pick-ups to data destruction and sending out reports. I enjoy learning new things, which comes in handy when you’re working with computers. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking, and hiking.   

Shelby Maguire


I grew up in Mentor, OH, but spent a year living in England during my teenage years, which sparked my passion for science and learning. I hold a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in education. I spent a decade teaching high school science in Arizona before leaving the profession to focus on running ACE Recycling. I find great fulfillment in my role as CEO of ACE. I am dedicated to positively impacting the environment for the sake of my three children – John IV, Violet, and Elijah – who inspire me to be a better person and business owner. I manage the website, social media, and blog for ACE and enjoy the creative aspects of these platforms. When I’m not being a mom or CEO, I like to unwind by the pool with my kids, paint, attempt meditation, and play and listen to music. I’m incredibly proud of the ACE Recycling team and am excited to see what the future holds for us.