Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions ACE Recycling receives. If you have a question not listed, please send us a message. We are more than happy to answer your questions during business hours.  Call us at 623.907.5430.  ACE Recycling can be reached by email at

There is no appointment needed to drop off.  Someone will help you unload.  All data is destroyed at no cost.  


Does ACE Recycling take cans?

ACE Recycling is an electronic recycling facility. We do not take cans, though we will happily put them in our recycling bin for you! Here is a complete list of what we process.

Does ACE Recycling take metal?

We will take it and make sure it gets recycled, but we do not pay for it. Here is a complete list of what we process.

Is there a charge for dropping off electronics to be recycled?

No! The only exception is TVs or CRT monitors. For pricing and more information, click here.


Will my data be securely wiped?

Of course! Every hard drive that comes through our door is wiped according to NIST standards or physically destroyed.  We can provide a Certificate of Data Destruction at no cost, if needed. Click here for details!

Does ACE Recycling pay/trade for electronics to be recycled?

No. We offer an environmentally responsible place to dispose of your unwanted/unused or broken electronics.


Does ACE Recycling sell electronics?

Yes! We are proud to offer fully refurbished electronics to our community.  Our online shop can be found here.

Can ACE Recycling fix my broken computer and/or transfer my data from one computer to another?

Absolutely!  We have IT professionals on-site.  Extending the life of electronics or harvesting the resources from them is far more sustainable than the current system, not to mention it has a more substantial economic benefit. For a fraction of the cost of new equipment, ACE Recycling can upgrade your existing computers. Merely changing out the hard drive on your computer can increases speed and performance.  

Can ACE Recycling pull data/pictures of a hard drive before it is destroyed?

Yes.  As long as the hard drive is working, we can pull files off the drive and put them on a USB for you.

Where is ACE Recycling located?

We are located on Van Buren St., just west of 99th Ave. Turn south on 103rd Ave. and make an immediate left into the business park. We are #16, toward the end.


What happens if I just throw my old electronics in the trash?

They will go to our local land-fill, where the toxic materials will leach into the soil and contaminate our land and water. Check out our Blog for details about the impact electronic waste has on our environment.