Are you seeking a responsible and reliable Arizona electronic recycling and repair company? Look no further than ACE Recycling! We are a small, family-owned business that values community, sustainability, education, and security. Our circular model for electronics provides an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of electronic equipment. We offer IT services, computer repair, and affordable electronics to promote reusing, refurbishing, or repairing electronic devices before resorting to destruction. Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional customer service and tailoring our approach to meet each customer’s needs. Let us be your sustainability partner and help your business achieve its sustainability commitments.

Who is ACE Recycling?

ACE Recycling is an electronic recycling and repair company that serves Arizona. We offer an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of electronic equipment in our community. We accept electronic equipment, whether it is working or not. At ACE Recycling, we believe in a circular economy, education, community, and security. In an ideal circular economy, people prioritize extending the life of electronic devices by reusing, refurbishing, or repairing them instead of destroying them. ACE Recycling provides IT services, computer repair, and affordable electronics to help us achieve this goal. By adopting a circular model for electronics, we can create a more sustainable future that is also more affordable. According to experts, this innovative approach could reduce consumer costs by 7% by 2030 and 14% by 2040. Let’s embrace this innovation and look forward to a future of affordability and sustainability.

We are a small, family-owned business that values good old-fashioned customer service. Our small team operates like a family, where everyone contributes to decision-making and problem-solving. This culture results in a unique customer experience, as we can tailor our approach to meet each customer’s needs. We are confident that our team at ACE Recycling can handle any task!

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Community-Centered Approach

ACE Recycling is proud to offer a service that benefits our community. By taking unwanted and unused electronics, we keep them out of our local landfill. When electronics sit in landfills, the toxic heavy metals and flame retardants within them leach into our land and water. By reusing and properly recycling electronics, we are doing our part to protect the soil and water for future generations.

In addition, our IT department can fix and upgrade computers that would otherwise be unused, allowing us to provide our community with affordable technology options. This approach is called a circular waste model and helps the environment and our communities.

Your Sustainability Partner

In today’s world, consumers are looking beyond just products and services. They want to support businesses that prioritize environmental sustainability, as evidenced by a 2018 Nielsen report. The report showed that 85% of respondents between the ages of 21-34 and 79% between the ages of 35-49 consider it “extremely” or “very” important that companies implement programs to improve the environment. 

That’s where ACE Recycling comes in as your partner to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our IT services, recycling, and data destruction offer a complete solution to your technology needs while decreasing your organization’s environmental footprint. We provide a Certificate of Responsible Disposal to demonstrate that we have adequately diverted the collected materials from landfills through rigorous testing, disassembly, and recycling.

At ACE Recycling, we are committed to ethical recycling practices that adhere to the standards of NIST, the EPA, and State and Local laws. We are strong proponents of the circular waste model and aim to keep as many materials as possible in circulation, which helps to safeguard the environment and enables our community to access affordable technology. 

Consumers trust businesses that support social or environmental issues, according to Forbes. 92% of survey respondents stated they trust such companies. But consumers also scrutinize these efforts for authenticity, as 65% of Americans research a company’s claims. By collaborating with ACE Recycling, you can transparently demonstrate your commitment to sustainability through action. We understand that businesses must prioritize sustainability in today’s market, and we encourage you to join us in protecting the planet.

Sustainability Plan

How Can ACE Recycling Help?

Electronic Refurbishing & Resale:   

At ACE Recycling, we believe in extending the life of electronics or harvesting their resources as a more sustainable and economically beneficial alternative to the current system. We offer affordable and reliable technology options accessible to everyone while addressing accessibility barriers and decreasing environmental impact.

Refurbished electronics can cost up to 50% less than new ones while helping to reduce electronic waste and prevent the release of toxic chemicals into the environment. We sell pre-built, refurbished, and custom-built PCs or laptops to customers’ specifications and upgrade existing devices. As a small, woman-run business, we take pride in providing person-to-person customer service and fair pricing.

Our circular model ensures that obsolete or unrepairable technology is recycled appropriately, preventingenvironmental damage and reducing the need for mining materials. By purchasing from ACE Recycling, you help contribute to the circular economy and bring new purpose to electronics, making them valuable tools. Access to technology empowers you to do more, whether for school, work, or personal use. 

Electronic Repair and Upgrade: 

Many people find repairing electronics to be a daunting task. However, fixing or upgrading your electronics instead of replacing them can be a more economical and environmentally friendly option. Our IT team at ACE Recycling has over two decades of experience in IT. It is well-equipped to handle a wide range of electronic repair services. From troubleshooting issues over the phone to fixing complex malfunctions, our expert technicians can get your electronics up and running quickly. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective and efficient repair solutions to our customers.

Electronic Equipment Removal and Pick-Up:  

Looking for a reliable and hassle-free way to eliminate unwanted electronics and reclaim office space? Look no further than ACE Recycling! We provide a free pick-up service for unused electronics, with our team handling all the heavy lifting, palletizing, and packing. Plus, we offer flexible scheduling options to fit your business needs.

Exciting news! We’ve launched a new service to make recycling even more convenient. Our customers have asked for it, and we’ve delivered. We are introducing our Gaylord and pallet service – a large cardboard box you can effortlessly fill with your electronics. When you’re ready for pick-up, give us a call! This service is available to all our customers and will help us operate more efficiently, professionally, and sustainably.

Data Destruction and Reporting: 

The industry ACE Recycling is in is called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). The focus of the ITAD industry is the secure removal of data. More recently, it has become central to a circular economy. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report Guidelines for Media Sanitization sets the standard for data destruction. According to the National Security Agency (NSA), data wiped using these standards is “permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible.”

ACE Recycling adheres to industry specifications to erase data. We use a three-pass overwrite with verification completed using Active@Killdisk software. This verification comes as a serialized printout of devices subject to the sanitization process. When ACE Recycling takes your electronic device, it is never booted up. Complete data erasure destroys all data, including operating systems.

At our organization, we value the security of your inventory. Thus, we are delighted to provide an online customer portal that lets you view and save your assets in real time. This portal offers you the convenience and security required to keep your records up-to-date and accessible. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and are eager to assist you in accessing your inventory. If you require further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ACE Recycling offers many services to businesses at no cost

In conclusion, ACE Recycling is a community-centered electronic recycling and repair company that values sustainability, education, and security. Our circular model for electronics provides an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of electronic equipment while keeping toxic materials out of our land and water. To achieve a circular economy, we offer IT services, computer repair, and affordable electronics. Our data destruction service also meets industry specifications to ensure complete data erasure. We are your sustainability partner and are here to help your business achieve its sustainability goals. At ACE Recycling, working together can create a better future for our community and the environment.