What Can Be Recycled at ACE Recycling

ACE Recycling can process most electronic equipment with little to no waste and at no cost. The general rule of thumb is: if it has been plugged in at one point in its life, it can be recycled.  If the device you wish to have recycled is not listed below, that does not mean we cannot recycle it.  We are happy to answer questions about specific equipment. Please send us a message or call us.

No appointment is needed for electronic waste drop-off, and there is no fee** for recycling. Drop-off anytime  Monday – Friday, from 8 AM and 4 PM.  Thank you for your partnership in protecting our local environment.



ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle servers and server racking, routers, switches, modems, CAT5, etc.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle laptops, personal computer towers, LCD All-in-Ones, Chromebooks, servers and server racks,  etc. ALL hard drives are wiped according to NIST standards.  For detailed information about how ACE destroys data, please click here.  If you require a Certificate of Data Destruction, please let us know when you drop it off.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle RAM, hard drives, video cards, motherboards, DVD/floppy drives, WiFi cards, CPUs, etc.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle VCR/DVD players, cable boxes, stereo systems, speakers, projectors, etc.

Video Game Systems

ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle gaming systems, controllers, and all associated cables and accessories.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle video cameras, switches, two-way radios, Ring doorbells, etc.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle VoIP phones, cell phones, MiWi cards, conference call equipment, etc. Cell phone SIM cards are destroyed for your security.  If you want extra peace of mind, do a factory reset on your cell phone before dropping it off.  If you need help with that process, please see the Guide to Preparing your Electronic Equipment for Recycling at the top of this page.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle laptop and phone chargers, LCD monitors, AC adapters, keyboards, mice, webcams, speakers, power strips, audio/visual cabling (VGA, HDMI, DVI, Display Port, stereo wire), CAT5, power cords, remotes, etc.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle lithium-ion (Li-Ion), nickel-cadmium (NiCAD or Ni-Cd), UPS/Battery backs, etc.  Please check with your city for hazardous waste recycling for single-use alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, 9V, C, or D cell).  Batteries Plus and Home Depot have alkaline battery recycling options.  Or visit Call2Recycle or The Big Green Box for a mail-in option.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle curling irons, toasters, blow dryers, hand-held vacuums, calculators, hand mixers, personal massagers, thermostats, etc. Please clean thoroughly before bringing it in for recycling.

PRINTERS & scanners

ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle personal printers, scanners, free-standing copy machines, receipt printers, etc.  Make sure you take the paper out of your printer before recycling it with ACE!


We found a company that will take any brand of ink/toner, empty or unopened, and recycles it properly!! Print a mailing label from the Coast to Coast Computer Products website. Please read the What to Do with Ink and Toner article for more information and other options.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. However, we do NOT pay for it.  


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle point-of-sale systems, receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, card readers, credit card terminals, etc.


ACE Recycling can responsibly recycle LCD and plasma flatscreen TVs, projection and CRT TVs, and CRT monitors for a FEE.  Please visit the TV Recycling Page for fees and details.  Not sure which type of TV you have?  Find out in our TV Recycling and Disposal article.

What Cannot Be Recycled at ACE Recycling?

We cannot accept large appliances, cans, hazardous waste, or light bulbs. For appliances and cans, we recommend Avondale Recycling, which is conveniently located just down the street from us, at 940 E Brinker Dr, Avondale, AZ 85323. 

We do not destroy documents but recommend Assured Document Destruction

Additionally, if you have pill bottles or dispensary packaging to be recycled, Resinate offers HIPAA-compliant recycling collections at many locations in the Valley

If you want to recycle paint, Up Paint offers a mail-in service or local drop-off locations. 

Most automotive parts or maintenance stores can adequately dispose of oil and other automotive waste.

Most cities offer hazardous waste collection through their Public Works Department once or twice a year. Please inquire with the city you live in for specifics. For your convenience, there are links below to the Public Works websites of the cities closest to our facility.  

Tolleson, AZ | Avondale, AZ | Glendale, AZ | Phoenix, AZ | Litchfield, AZ | Scottsdale, AZ | Paradise Valley, AZ | Peoria, AZ | Mesa, AZ | Tempe, AZ

Maricopa County