ACE Recycling is an electronic waste recycling and repair company in Arizona.  We offer laptops for sale as part of our commitment to a circular economy. Most electronics that come through our door to be recycled work. This is partly because most corporate policies recommend replacing technology every 2-3 years, working or not.  People discard their working device for the latest, greatest laptop for sale or iPhone being advertised to the general public. These practices, coupled with the fast pace of technology, are why electronic waste is the most significant growing waste stream worldwide. At ACE Recycling, we have several goals:

  1. We want to prevent working, usable devices, and their parts from being discarded because it isn’t sustainable or economically viable.
  2. We believe technology is a tool that should be accessible to all, but we understand that it is not.
  3. We want to be part of, and help you be part of, a circular economy because we believe it is sustainable and economically viable.

For these reasons, ACE Recycling offers upcycled laptops for sale. That being said, we understand that we have to earn your trust, and so we have laid out our process for you to understand below.

Closing the Loop

We believe in a circular economy, which aims to produce as little waste as possible by reusing and reinventing. This means we reuse as much as we can through upcycling. We dismantle and recycle material that can absolutely not be reused. Recycling is a last resort at ACE. It is worth noting that this cycle continues through recycling by extracting elements and reusing them. We recognize the average Westerner may be uncomfortable with this model, as we are ingrained with the ‘new-is-better,’ ‘keep-up-with-the-Jones” mentality. There is an idea that if an item is ‘used,’ it somehow has less value than its new counterpart. The truth of the matter is, there are enough people and enough stuff that no one should ever have to purchase anything new.

ACE Recycling is also aware of two critical things: First, not everyone has the means to have the latest, greatest technology. Second, not everyone wants to. Attitudes are changing. We see this in the clothing industry with the growing popularity of vintage, thrift store fashion. More and more, individuals understand the truths that our landfills are filling up and our carbon emissions are unsustainable. Unfortunately, a significant contributor to both things is a necessary tool in our everyday lives – technology. At ACE, we aim to do our part to address all three of those issues.

Comparison of Linear, Recycling and Circular Economy

Casting Your Vote

Ultimately, consumer choices drive manufacturing and production. If you buy it, they will make it. This works both ways. As a consumer, “Every dollar you spend or don’t spend is a vote you cast for the world you want” (L.N. Smith, Sunrise Over Disney). More and more individuals are owning their power as consumers and being intentional about where they spend their money. With growing awareness of the downfalls of consumerism comes the need to find alternatives. ACE Recycling offers an alternative to buying new from big-box electronics stores. As a small, family-run business, we provide you the ability to participate in the circular model and offer person-to-person customer service and fair pricing. ACE Recycling aims to provide you with an economically intelligent and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new.

Laptops for Sale at ACE Recycling

We understand it is crucial to know the company you are buying from. We know you need to trust us with a purchase like a laptop. For that reason, we aim to be as transparent as possible. All laptops for sale by ACE Recycling are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. We pride ourselves on our customer service and want the opportunity to provide that to our customers. We are always available for questions or concerns, and you will always get a real person on the other end of the phone, email, or chat. We do not employ any robots.  We strongly encourage asking questions. To do so, send us an email at or call us at 623.907.5430. It is our priority to ensure you have a working laptop that you are happy and productive with!

ACE Recycling Laptops For Sale

Laptops for Sale by ACE Recycling,

  • Are tested, working units that function as a laptop should.
  • Have a fresh, activated Windows 10 installation that is ready for you to customize.
  • Come with a charger with the voltage and amperage recommend by the laptop manufacture.
  • Have an upcycled, tested, working hard drive in them and at least 8GB of RAM. The specifications for a particular laptop will be within the product description.
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Go through a 7-point inspection.

This inspection includes:

  1. Screen – All laptops have a working screen with no dead pixels or dark spots. Touch screen laptops have a functioning touch screen.
  2. Keyboard/Trackpad – All laptops have a functioning keyboard and trackpad.
  3. Ports/CD-ROM – All laptops have functioning ports and CD-ROM (if applicable).
  4. Wireless – All laptops have a functioning wireless card. All have been connected to the ACE Recycling wireless network to install Windows 10.
  5. Webcam/Speakers – All laptops have a functioning webcam and speakers.
  6. Battery Health – All laptops have a functioning battery. Please keep in mind the battery life is mainly dependent on the brand and model of the computer and general use.
  7. Cosmetics – All laptops are given a grade from A-C based solely on cosmetics (how it looks). There is more detailed information on this below.

Laptop Grading Standards

Grading used electronics is an industry standard. HOWEVER, there is no standard grading system within the industry. Customers can find the grading standards ACE Recycling uses below. Please note, the grading system is purely based on cosmetics (how the laptop looks), NOT functionality. ALL laptops for sale are functional, regardless of the ‘grade’ they receive.

ACE Recycling’s Laptop Grading Standards

GRADE A – Grade A laptops show evidence of average previous use. Any wear of a grade A computer is associated with standard/regular use associated with a used laptop. This includes minor scuffing, ‘normal’ keyboard/trackpad use, which may consist of ‘shine’ on frequently used keys (i.e., home row, space bar, trackpad). A grade-A laptop will NOT feature deep scratches, chips, or dents.

GRADE B – Grade B laptops show evidence of heavier than regular use. A grade B laptop may feature more excessive unit housing and/or external surface wear than Grade A units, including scratches on the lid and heavier wear on the keyboard/trackpad. Grade B units may have minor dents or paint chips on the lid or body.

GRADE C – Grade C laptops show evidence of heavy use. A grade C laptop may feature excessive scratches, dents, or chips on the lid/body. A grade C laptop may have minor scratches on the screen that do not impede the ability to use the screen as it is intended to be used. Grade C laptops show heavy keyboard/trackpad use and may have missing lettering on the keyboard.

Built to Last

Most laptop models ACE Recycling receives are professional business–grade. This means they are more durable than the average laptop and can withstand more heavy use because they were explicitly designed to be used from 9 to 5. For more information on the difference between a ‘consumer’ or non-business laptop and a built-for-business laptop, click here. Consequently, most of the laptops ACE Recycling upcycles are in ‘grade A’ condition. Most of the time, these laptops hold up very well, cosmetically and technically. Consumer-grade laptops tend to have more wear and tear. Any cosmetic imperfections will be clearly noted in the product description and pictures AND reflected in the price.   Pricing on laptops for sale by ACE Recycling is non-negotiable.

Completing the Circle

We suppose we don’t have to tell you that when you are done with your ACE Recycling purchase, we ask that you add it back to the circle. You can do this by reinventing, upcycling, or as a last resort, recycling it. It is possible to give one device many lives and purposes. If you wish to donate it, we have some great non-profits that we work with. They would benefit significantly from your unwanted laptop. Thank you for your trust and participation in the circular economy.

ACE Recycling Laptops For Sale