Articles on the ACE Recycling Blog contain news, events, and educational articles examining the environmental impact of electronic waste.

ACE Recycling Blog – Examining the environmental impact of electronic waste and our role in lessening that impact

The ACE Recycling Blog is here to inform and educate about ACE Recycling and the environmental impact of electronic waste. The goal is to zero in on issues that affect everyday people in a relevant way. One of our goals is to make our audience aware of the impact of electronic waste on our local environment and the environment as a whole. On our blog page, you will find articles written by ACE. We also hope to teach our audience about a circular economy, helping them to understand our passion for adhering to it. This concept can create a more sustainable life and generate a more stable economy. Please feel free to explore our blog topics.

Check out our News and Articles page for more information. There you will find information on electronic waste and other environmental issues by other authors. At ACE Recycling, we link to reputable, research-based sources. We hope you take the time to explore both pages!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Laptops Under $400

ACE Recycling offers budget-friendly, reliable laptops for sale.  This year, give the gift of sustainability and productivity by purchasing a certified refurbished laptop backed by solid customer service and a 30-day guarantee.  In addition to peace of mind, ACE Recycling offers convenient shopping options.  Shop online, deliver your laptop to your door, or pick it up in-store.  If you need some assistance or prefer an in-store experience, we are open 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. 

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What is a Circular Economy?

At ACE Recycling, we are committed to a circular economy. It is our goal to keep as much out of landfills as possible. This goal is two-fold: First, it helps protect our local environment by preserving the integrity of our land, water, and air for generations to come....

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#EarthDay2020: Biodiversity 101

“Animal conservation” or “conservation” in general, should not be focused on “saving” animals or the earth, it should be deeper than that. It’s about preserving the balance that exists between humans, wildlife, and the earth. In essence, when we are looking at “conservation”, what we are truly looking at is the need and importance of maintaining biodiversity.

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