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Electronic Waste Pick-Ups Are Reserved For Commercial Customers Only.  Residential Customers Click Here.

There is no cost for commercial pick-ups. However, we ask that you have at least a pallet’s worth of items.  For reference, a pallet is 4 feet by 3.5 feet and can be stacked up to 4 feet, depending on the material. Generally, a pallet’s worth of material can be a combination of ten desktops and 5-10 laptops, including peripherals (monitors, keyboards, etc.).  We can also take any cords, cables, or power adapters associated with these devices.  If you have pictures, please email them to us at!  

If you do not have enough items for a free pick-up, we recommend you offer the service to your employees and add their electronic waste to your load.  Don’t forget ACE Recycling will take all the cords, cables, and other accessories with your electronics.

Let Us Save You Time with a New Service!

At ACE Recycling, we are continuously seeking ways to enhance efficiency. We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new service that will benefit our customers and us. Our customers have expressed their desire for us to provide them with a Gaylord and a pallet, which is a large cardboard box. They can effortlessly fill the Gaylord and contact us when it’s ready for pick-up. This uncomplicated and convenient solution is now available to all our customers.

If you’re interested in availing of this service, please ensure sufficient space to accommodate and remove the Gaylord and pallet. The Gaylord dimensions are approximately 48 x 40 x 48. We believe this service will contribute immensely to our goal of operating efficiently, professionally, and sustainably.  

Let us know if you want to use this time-saving service!

Tips For a Smooth Pick-Up

– Please let us know if items need to be added to the pick-up after scheduling.

Guide to Preparing your Equipment for Recycling

– Put like items with like items.

– If you can, palletize items with heavier items on the bottom in an area with an exit wide enough to accommodate the pallet.

– Place items for pick-up in a location that is easily accessible.  Please remember that we will palletize your items and load them onto a box truck.  The closer your items are to that loading area, the more efficient your pick-up will be.

– If you have ink/toner, please look in the box for a return mailing label from the manufacturer. If there is no return label from the manufacturer, Coast to Coast Computer Products will responsibly recycle any brand ink/toner.  Click here to get a mailing label.  MORE INFORMATION ON INK AND TONER.

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