ACE Recycling is a small business with only three employees and an owner, Shelby Maguire. Strong communication, flexibility, and teamwork are vital to a small company’s success. The team at ACE Recycling wears many hats. It often must adjust on the fly to accommodate the company’s growth and new procedures while maintaining exceptional customer service. The office manager, Charlie Houston, has been integral to the company’s success.

When Shelby took over ACE Recycling, Charlie was already on board, and her contribution has been invaluable. Charlie is a hard-working, flexible, and enthusiastic team player who has readily taken on new challenges. Her exceptional customer service skills are unmatched, and she is the friendly voice that answers the phone and the person on the other end of the info email address. She is responsible for coordinating the pick-up schedule, managing the customer portal, and ensuring that your ticket is uploaded promptly once you have scheduled a pick-up. Her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is her top priority.

Charlie’s contributions to ACE Recycling are immeasurable. She takes her position very seriously and works tirelessly to maintain the company’s flow. She is invested in the success of ACE Recycling and the satisfaction of its customers. Charlie is unafraid of a challenge and is always willing to stay late to finish a project or learn new things. Her tireless work ethic and commitment to excellence are a testament to her character and make her an essential part of the team at ACE Recycling. The company is fortunate to have her.

Charlie Houston

Charlie Houston

Office Manager

Originally from Bethany, Missouri, I have been in Phoenix for 22 years, minus a year and a half in Washington state. I have four sisters and two brothers, who have given me ten nieces and nephews. I have two great-nephews and one great niece.

I have over 20 years of experience in customer service. I enjoy making people smile and creating relationships with customers. My experience working in restaurants, receptionist positions, and everything in between has taught me the value of a hassle-free customer experience. I’m the Head of Amazingness here at ACE Recycling! I do everything from answering the phones and scheduling your pick-ups to data destruction and sending out reports. I enjoy learning new things, which comes in handy when you’re working with computers. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking, and hiking.