For Businesses

Does your company intentionally think about its impact on the environment? In today’s market, it should. Forbes reports in Do Customers Really Care About Your Environmental Impact?” 92% of those surveyed will be more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues. Most businesses have an environmental statement on their website. ACE Recycling understands the information on your electronic devices holds customer information, propriety information, and sensitive communication, etc. For businesses, a data security breach would be a nightmare. All the trust built up over the years with clients is gone, not to mention, in the eye of the Law, the information lost has monetary value. Your data security is ACE Recycling’s number one priority.

Data Security

ACE Recycling is committed to securely wiping all data from any devices following the Department of Defense and HIPAA regulations. During the wiping process, ACE Recycling never boots your device. Therefore, data is never accessed. U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report Guidelines for Media Sanitization, data wiped using these standards renders “the Target Data recovery infeasible using state of the art laboratory techniques.” For more detailed information, please visit the Data Security page.

ACE Recycling Data Security Guarantee for Businesses


We can provide an inventory and verified wipe report for business accounting purposes upon request. This verification comes in the form of a serialized print out of all devices that were subject to the sanitization process and acts to, well, verify successful data erasure. According to the NIST report, “verifying the selected information sanitization and disposal process is an essential step in maintaining confidentiality.” 

Electronic Removal and Pick-Up

Regain office space and get equipment off your books by recycling with ACE Recycling. We will pick-up and palletize your electronic waste at NO COST to your business. Our crew will do the heavy lifting. We have flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your business. Offer the service to your employees! Invite employees to collect electronic waste from home and include it with your pick-up. They will thank you for cleaning out their “old cell phone” drawer at home!

Electronic Repair and Upgrading

Our IT experts can help upgrade the office to Windows 10, configure your network, and much more. We have years of commercial IT experience backing us and are PCI compliant. That, coupled with excellent, old fashioned customer service, makes ACE Recycling an excellent resource for businesses large and small.

“Our healthcare org has been using this company for a while. Best in the valley at timing and service. They have made our bulk E – Waste a non issue once it starts to pile up. The gentlemen they have come and do the pick ups themselves are always patient and great to work with. 5 stars every time!”

Kyle at Adelante Healthcare