About ACE Recycling

ACE Recycling was founded in 2012 under the name OCM Recycle West by Patty Hannon and Kate Hopeman. The company operated with a mission to “Responsibly recycle electronic items, keeping as much as possible out of landfills and create employment for local area residents.” Under their management, the business grew deep community relationships. These relationships grew from charity work, scholarship programs, and the resale of technology at affordable prices. OCM became a mainstay in the community as a reseller of affordable technology and a reliable patron of valuable community services.

In 2019 John and Shelby Maguire bought the business. Though the name was changed to Arizona Complete Electronic (ACE) Recycling, it remains a small, locally-owned business committed to the environment and community. ACE Recycling is dedicated to the security of our customers’ data, a circular economy model, educating about the impact of electronic waste, and community service. Our goal remains to keep as much out of local landfills as possible and give back to our community. As such, we have maintained the community relationships forged by Patty and Kate and created new ones.

We have strengthened our recycling network to ensure we fulfill our promise to keep our landfills free from electronic waste. Additionally, we have worked hard to find responsible outlets for harder to recycle items, such as ink and toner and TVs. Most importantly, we have strengthened our security protocol and the services provided to our customers. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about our practices by sharing this information through our blog and social media. If you have questions, just ask!

ACE Recycling has a crew of 6 people. John and Shelby are active in the day-to-day operation of ACE Recycling alongside ACE Recycling’s employees. As an ultra-small business, a few things are vital: strong communication, flexibility, and teamwork. We at ACE Recycling wear many hats, often having to adjust on the fly. This is especially true as we have grown and implemented new procedures. There are new systems to learn, problems to solve, and responsibilities with this growth, all without compromising customer service. Because ACE is so small, our team has become a family with everyone involved in decision-making and problem-solving. This offers a unique customer experience, as we can customize and adapt to meet the needs of our customers. There is no task the ACE Recycling team cannot handle!

What We Stand For

We are also consumers with hard drives at home and work. We understand that sensitive data is on those devices. As a result, ACE Recycling has made your privacy a top priority.  ACE Recycling utilizes the most up-to-date data wiping software to destroy data without ever booting up your system.

In a circular economy (or model), all components of an item are kept in circulation as long as possible.  Ultimately, our goal is to keep as much out of landfills as possible. This goal is two-fold: First, it helps protect our local environment and preserve the integrity of our land, water, and air for generations to come. Second, it allows us to keep working electronics in circulation at fair and equitable prices to ensure access to technology for all.

Consequently, this has led to the formation of partnerships with local businesses to minimize waste further. Landfilled electronics end up in our local landfill in Glendale, AZ. This directly affects our land, water, and air. This approach also allows us to provide our community with affordable technology and ultimately reduce consumer costs. 

It is a goal to educate about the impacts of electronic waste, here and abroad. Most people are unaware that electronic recycling even exists, let alone the effects of improper disposal. As a former teacher, Shelby is a lifelong learner who constantly researches and shares information through the ACE Blog and social media. As such, ACE Recycling will always only share reliable, primary (when possible) sourced information. Additionally, there is constant research into the best and most responsible way to dispose of items ACE Recycling receives. This information is shared to increase awareness and allow our customers and community to manage their environmental impact and make informed decisions.

John and Shelby are fully committed to continuing the community service tradition established by Patty and Kate. Shelby and John have maintained a relationship with The Homeless Youth Connection, a partnership initially forged by Patty and Kate. The HYC is a local non-profit dedicated to helping Arizona homeless school-aged youth graduate from high school. As a former educator, Shelby understands the importance of receiving an education and the barriers to achieving this. Over the past several years, ACE Recycling has had the pleasure of working with many other non-profits. These include the non-profit Drink Local, Drink Tap. This organization is led by Erin Huber Rosen, a high school classmate of John’s and headquartered in his home state of Ohio. Drink Local, Drink Tap works in Africa digging wells for access to clean drinking water. Additionally, ACE Recycling has forged a relationship with Steps of Love and several local schools.

Meet the Owners

John & Shelby Maguire

John & Shelby Maguire


John has 20+ years of experience in the computer field. Computers have been a hobby most of his life. When he was 12 years old, he got his first computer for Christmas. From there, he learned DOS and how to work on hardware components. Professionally he was the Technical Director at a Point-of-Sale (POS) company for 15 years. In this position, he installed, supported, troubleshot, and configured POS systems. This included running wires, network configuration, hardware, and software installation. His expertise allows ACE Recycling to reduce waste even further by salvaging and refurbishing even more. Additionally, he does corporate IT and point-of-sale work through AZ Complete PCI.

Shelby has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Lake Erie College in Painesville, OH, and a master’s degree in Education from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, OH. She is genuinely passionate about science and is a self-proclaimed science nerd. This passion was transferred into inspiration as a science teacher in Arizona for 10 years. She began her career as a middle school science teacher in Osborn School District. From there, she taught anatomy and physiology at Sierra Linda High School in Tolleson HS District. The final years were at Liberty High School in Peoria School District, where she taught biology and environmental science. With her science and education background, she is equipped to understand and share the ecological aspects of electronic waste. As an educator, she has first-hand knowledge of the community’s needs and finds community service of the utmost importance.

John and Shelby were born and raised in the quintessential, little-big Midwestern town, Mentor, Ohio.  They both attended Mentor High School, just as their parents did. Shelby lived in Billericay, Essex, England, and attended school there at the age of 16. They moved to Arizona in 2008 to begin their life together. With them, they brought Midwestern values which guide the operation of ACE Recycling. They believe in hard work, integrity, and helping others. Together they have three children, John IV, Violet, and Elijah. It is not uncommon to have one or two of them at ACE Recycling. The boys curiously take electronics apart, and Violet excitedly operates the front desk with Miss Charlie.