About ACE Recycling

Patty Hannon and Kate Hopeman established ACE Recycling in 2012 under OCM Recycle West. Their goal was to responsibly recycle electronic items while providing job opportunities for residents and minimizing landfill waste. Through their leadership, OCM built strong ties within the community through charity initiatives, scholarship programs, and the sale of affordable technology. As a result, OCM Recycle West became a trusted source of affordable technology and a committed supporter of valuable community services.

Shelby Maguire purchased the business in 2019. The company was renamed Arizona Complete Electronic (ACE) Recycling. However, it still operates as a small, locally-owned business committed to the environment and the community. At ACE Recycling, we take the security of our customer’s data seriously and strive to promote a circular economy model. We also believe in educating others about the impact of electronic waste and participating in community service. Our primary goal is to reduce the amount of waste sent to local landfills while also giving back to our community. In addition to maintaining existing community relationships established by Patty and Kate, we have also launched new ones.

We’ve made significant strides in our recycling network to honor our pledge to keep our landfills free from electronic waste. We’ve also taken steps to dispose of more challenging items like ink, toner, and TVs with responsibility. In the interest of safety, we’ve strengthened our security protocol and services for our customers. We’re committed to transparency and have shared this information on our blog and social media platforms.  Recently, we have unveiled our “Sustainable Living” webpage with many resources designed to teach and inspire. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The owner of ACE Recycling is actively involved in the business’s day-to-day operations alongside the employees. Effective communication, flexibility, and teamwork are essential for our ultra-small business to thrive. At ACE Recycling, we wear multiple hats and often need to adjust on the fly. As we continue to grow and implement new procedures, we encounter new systems to learn, problems to solve, and responsibilities to uphold while maintaining our high level of customer service. With our small team, we have become like a family, with everyone contributing to decision-making and problem-solving. This culture results in a unique customer experience, as we can tailor our approach to meet each customer’s specific needs. We are confident that the ACE Recycling team can handle any task!

What We Stand For

As consumers, we recognize the importance of protecting sensitive data stored on our personal and work hard drives. ACE Recycling prioritizes using the latest data-wiping software, eliminating data without requiring your system to be booted up while safeguarding your privacy.

The circular economy model aims to keep all components of an item in circulation for as long as possible, with the ultimate goal of reducing waste in landfills. This goal has two critical benefits: firstly, it helps to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources for future generations. Secondly, it allows for selling working electronics at fair and affordable prices, ensuring that technology is accessible for all. To further minimize waste, we have formed partnerships with local businesses.

When electronics end up in landfills, they directly impact our community’s land, water, and air quality. By implementing this approach, we can provide affordable technology to our community, reduce consumer costs and safeguard our local environment for future generations.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the impact of electronic waste both locally and globally. Many people are unaware of electronic recycling and the harmful effects of improper disposal. Shelby, a former teacher and lifelong learner, regularly researches and shares information through the ACE Blog and social media. ACE Recycling only shares reliable information from primary sources whenever possible. Furthermore, we constantly research the best and most responsible methods of disposing of the items we receive. We aim to increase awareness and enable our customers and community to make informed decisions and manage their environmental impact.

Shelby maintains the community service legacy established by Patty and Kate. She has partnered with The Homeless Youth Connection, a local non-profit that helps homeless students in Arizona graduate from high school. As a former educator, Shelby recognizes the importance of education and the challenges that come with it. Over the years, ACE Recycling has collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations, including Drink Local, Drink Tap, which provide clean drinking water in Africa by digging wells. ACE Recycling also works with Steps of Love and multiple local schools. We were integral in helping our local students stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering low-cost or no-cost laptops for schooling.

Meet the Owner

Shelby Maguire

Shelby Maguire


Shelby grew up in Mentor, Ohio, a typical small town in the Midwest. She attended Mentor High School, as her parents did before her. At 16, Shelby moved to Billericay, Essex, England, where she attended school. This experience cultivated her passion for science and learning. During her studies for the International Baccalaureate, she had the chance to conduct scientific research by raising Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) and tracking genetic changes between generations. This approach to teaching the scientific process was unlike the American approach and influenced her teaching practices later.

During her time in England, she had the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures, which had a profound impact on her life. Attending an international school enabled her to meet individuals from around the world. Her inquisitiveness led to enlightening conversations, and she developed a great appreciation for people and their experiences. Shelby carried this perspective into her teaching career and treated her diverse students with empathy and an open mind.

After returning to the States, Shelby earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Lake Erie College in Painesville, OH, and a master’s degree in Education from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, OH. She has a deep-rooted love for science and considers herself a science nerd. In 2008, she moved to Arizona to pursue a career in education.

Shelby’s passion for science was evident throughout her ten-year teaching career in Arizona. She taught middle school science in the Osborn School District, anatomy/physiology in Tolleson, and biology/environmental science in Peoria School District. Shelby’s background in science and education allows her to understand and communicate the ecological impact of electronic waste effectively. As a devoted educator, she places great importance on community service and has first-hand knowledge of the community’s needs.

At ACE Recycling, the values of hard work, integrity, and helping others are at the forefront, thanks to Shelby, who brings with her the Midwestern ethos. She is a devoted mother to three children – John IV, Violet, and Elijah – who motivate her to work towards a greener planet, a better version of herself, and a successful business. It’s common to see her children involved in the business, with the boys disassembling electronics and Violet enthusiastically running the front desk with Miss Charlie. When Shelby isn’t being a mom and CEO, she enjoys spending time by the pool with her kids, painting, attempting to meditate, and listening to and playing music.