Electronic Recycling for Home and Business in Arizona

ACE Recycling is a facility in Tolleson, Arizona, specializing in electronic recycling and repair. Our goal is to offer our community an environmentally responsible way to dispose of electronic equipment that is no longer needed or outdated. Our circular economy model aims to keep as many materials in use or circulation as possible. In this model, repairing and upgrading electronics is the ideal solution, while recycling is the last resort. We have IT professionals on-site who can determine if a device is reusable. By repairing and upgrading electronics, we can offer affordable technology to our community. For electronics that are unable to be repaired or upgraded, we recycle them. Our team disassembles the device and separates its components, which are then extracted for raw materials by our partners. Using recycled raw materials to create new devices reduces the need to pull more from the Earth.

Electronic Recycling Resale with ACE

At ACE Recycling, we have skilled IT professionals available to provide repair and upgrade services to our community. By extending the lifespan of your computer and monitor from 4 to 6 years, you could prevent the release of around 41.89 lbs. of carbon emissions. Opting for repairs or upgrades is a cost-effective way to keep your device in circulation and reduce your carbon footprint. At ACE Recycling, we promote a circular economy and offer various services to keep electronics in use and out of our local landfill.

ACE Recycling is happy to accept electronic waste from the public during regular business hours. They also work with businesses to guarantee that their unwanted electronics are disposed of responsibly. ACE Recycling offers various services to businesses, such as wiping all data on received hard drives in line with industry standards. Notably, the erasure process never involves accessing the hard drive’s operating system. To learn more about ACE Recycling’s strict privacy standards, please visit the “Data Security” page.

A Circular Approach to Electronic Recycling

One highly effective solution to the mounting problem of electronic waste is the adoption of a circular economy approach. This approach, which involves maintaining all materials and components at their highest value while eliminating waste from the system, not only benefits the environment but also presents a compelling economic case. By implementing this model, we can significantly reduce costs for the economy and consumers.  It is anticipated that over the next ten years, the circular economy will more than double, driving an additional $100+ billion of value to the global economy.   For example, a circular economy for electronics could potentially reduce consumers’ costs by 7% by 2030 and 14% by 2040. Moreover, recycling metals is up to 10 times more energy-efficient and cost-effective than mining, leading to substantial savings for end consumers. Today, the circular economy is not just a recognized solution to climate change mitigation, but also a template for more efficient and resilient business operations, offering a compelling economic incentive for its adoption.

The Environmental Impact of Electronic Waste

– Worldwide, 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced each year.

Electronic waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world.

– 80-85% of all electronic items end up in landfills.

– Electronic waste accounts for 70% of toxic waste in landfills.

– Electronics contain many toxic chemicals, including arsenic, mercury, lead, and flame retardants.

– Electronics are made using cobalt which is a conflict mineral.  Conflict minerals are mined in areas of conflict and are sold to finance the fighting.

– 7% of the world’s gold is in our electronics devices

– Improper handling of electronic waste is resulting in a significant loss of rare earth metals.

– Over 50% of Global emissions are associated with goods and services.

– According to the EPA, around 7% of all municipal solid waste landfilled in 2018 was from steel––equivalent to 10.5 million tons.

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To date, ACE Recycling has diverted…

Pounds of Electronic Waste from Landfills

“Their prompt service is always dependable and straightforward. All their employees are kind, hardworking and have always been very professional with all our staff. The staff has always been on time and friendly while picking up the old equipment.  Charlie and Shelby provide exceptional customer service and very competitive pricing. We have been very satisfied with the entire process and experience, including their final inventory reports and data destruction certificates. I would highly recommend ACE Recycling as an electronic waste disposal service provider.”

Kevin Molina, Director of IT, Cartwright School District #83

“Our healthcare organization has been using this company for a while. Best in the valley at timing and service. They have made our bulk E-Waste a non-issue once it starts to pile up. The gentlemen they have come and do the pick-ups themselves are always patient and great to work with. 5 stars every time!”

Kyle Trapp, Adelante Healthcare

“Charlie and her whole team are amazing, thorough, polite, and efficient.  The pick-up team is great!  They get in and out quickly and are always on time and follow instructions perfectly.  I get a pick-up scheduled when it works for us.  It has been a blessing finding them to assist us in the management of our old computers, servers, and all other networking equipment.  Saves me so much time!”

Krystal Arvanitis, Purchasing Manager, LANstar

“I’ve worked with six different electronic recycling companies through my years here at the District. ACE has been by far the most reliable company of all.  They are easy to work with, friendly, professional, and are very good at communicating and working with us regarding scheduling.  The service team that comes to pick up our equipment are very easy to work with.”

Kim Aringdale, Director of Material and Contract Management, Flagstaff Unified School District