iMicro 400 Watt Power Supply


iMicro 400 Watt Power Supply | PS-IM400W

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iMicro 400 Watt Power Supply

Model: PS-IM400W

Upgrade your PC with this iMicro IM400W 400W ATX 12V Power Supply. It is ideal to use for computers running Intel Pentium 4 and AMD processors. The 400W power supply includes a 20/24-pin motherboard connector for a quick and easy installation. It also complies with Intel ATX 12V V1.3 systems. The ATX power supply has one SATA, three peripheral, and one floppy connector. It has a maximum output power of 400W with a 68 percent efficiency at full load. Complies with Intel ATX 12V V1.3. ATX power supply includes a 20/24-pin connector for the motherboard. Supports Intel Pentium 4 and AMD CPU. MTBF over 50,000 hours at 25 degrees Celcius. Input voltage: 115V AC (90-132V AC); 230V AC (180-264V AC). Input frequency: 47-63Hz. Inrush current: less than 70A at 230V AC cold start at 25 degrees C. Max output power: 400W. Efficiency: 115V AC/60Hz. OVP: +3.3V, +5V, +12V (90-132V AC); 230V AC (180-264V AC). SCP: all output to GND. +3.3V at 30A; +5V at 28A; +12V at 26A; -12V at 0.8A; +5V SB at 2.0A. Turn-on time: max 500ms. Hold up time: min 16ms

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