Inline Power Module, 2 Outlet, 20A with Basic Surge and Sequencing

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Middle Atlantic Inline Power Module | 2 Outlet | 20A | RLNK-SW220-NS

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Middle Atlantic Inline Power Module

Model: RLNK-SW220-NS

RackLink is the ultimate power management system that guarantees reliability and uptime like never before. The designers of RackLink have ensured that it is intuitive to set up and operate, and it comes equipped with pre-emptive problem notification and automatic problem resolution features. Its IP-enabled controls allow for easy local access over the web and through mobile devices via apps.

RackLink is a comprehensive power monitoring system that logs key power variables, including temperature, ensuring you're always aware of your system's performance. It is the only power management system that meets InfoComm standards, providing automatic notification of events outside of defined parameters.

With RackLink, you can efficiently respond and control using mobile apps, and its automatic actions can significantly improve system reliability. The designers developed the system to automatically send notifications to specific individuals for specific issues, providing a hassle-free power management solution.

Moreover, RackLink is easy to set up and does not require programming. Its 2 Outlet and 20A with Basic Surge and Sequencing features make it an ideal choice for any power management requirement. With RackLink, you can ensure your system is always up and running, providing peace of mind like never before.


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