Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter

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Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter | PWRINJ4

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Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter

Model: PWRINJ4

Do you need a reliable and efficient power adapter to power up your IP Telephones, Security Camera, Wireless Network Access Points, IP Print Servers, and Bluetooth Access Points? Look no further than the Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter, Model: PWRINJ4. With its DC output of 56V/30W and full compliance with detection, disconnect, and voltage control IEEE802.3af, this power adapter is the perfect solution for all your power needs.

The Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter is UNH IOL tested, ensuring maximum safety and performance. You can easily monitor the adapter's performance with diagnostic LEDs and guarantee that your devices receive the needed power. With complete protection against OCP and OVP, this power adapter protects your devices against electrical damage, ensuring they are safe and secure.

The non-vented case design ensures the adapter remains cool and safe, even after prolonged use. This power adapter is also gigabit-compatible, making it perfect for high-speed networks. With the Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter, you can be confident that your devices are receiving the power they need to perform at their best.

So, why wait any longer? Get your hands on the Cisco 30W Power Over Ethernet Adapter today and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply to all your devices!

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