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Radio Thermostat | 2GIG-Z-CT100

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Radio Thermostat

Model: 2GIG-Z-CT100

The CT100 Z-Wave programmable thermostat is manufactured by Radio Thermostat Company of America and designed for integration with 2GIG equipment. It is a touchscreen display thermostat that uses 4 x AA batteries. The unit is recommended to be powered with a 24VAC common wire on the C-terminal for best results and longer battery life. The CT100 supports up to 4 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling. For heating, you can utilize up to 2 stages of heat pump, aux electric heat, and forced hot air. It supports 2 and 3-wire hydro valves, as well. Unlike most other Z-wave thermostats, the CT100 supports humidity sensing and reporting.

In order to include this thermostat with a Z-wave controller, you must first set the controller to "inclusion mode." Once in learning mode, press Menu on the CT100 followed by "Mate." This is the ID button that will automatically include the device into your existing Z-wave mesh network. It is always wise to give the system 3-5 minutes to fully include the device. The ideal range for Z-wave enrollment is anywhere from 25-50 feet, but 30 or less is ideal. Z-wave can communicate through one another so if you already have included devices the distance calculation can be made between each Z-wave node that supports beaming. Z-wave communication can only take 4 total hops before it reaches the controller.

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