Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner with Stand

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Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner with Stand | LS2208

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Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner with Stand

Model: LS2208

The Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a fast and reliable bi-directional scanner. With a scan speed of 100 scans per second and accurate first-time capture of 1D bar codes, this scanner ensures efficient scanning and data capturing. The Advanced-Data Formatting (ADF) feature allows users to modify data before sending it to the host computer, making it a versatile tool for different types of businesses. The scanner's single-board construction ensures durability and the ability to withstand stringent 5-ft drop tests. The exit window features scratch-resistant tempered glass designed to withstand continuous use. The bright LED and loud beep volume enable users to confirm successful barcode scanning easily. The scanner is USB Plug and Play compatible, and its ergonomic and lightweight design ensures comfortable usage. It also comes with a stand and cable for added convenience.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 4.5 in


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Excellent personal communication and product, with overnight delivery provided. Very impressed and highly recommend this company.

Millicent Creech

Great computers, great service! Good prices. This is the place that every college student needs to know about.

Julian D Vigay

These guys are great. They have great prices and are super friendly. I will go back to them again.

Jeremy Bell