Antec BP350 350 Watt Power Supply


Antec 350 Watt Power Supply | BP350

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Antec 350 Watt Power Supply

Model: BP350

Enjoy 350 watts of reliable continuous power without spending a fortune when you use the Antec Basiq BP350. The BP350 has two 12 volt rails that deliver a total of 23 amps of current. Use the BP350 to build affordable computers, or use it to replace cheaper, lower-quality power supplies.

Key Features:
350 continuous watts
Physical on/off switch
Dual 12-volt rails
Overvoltage protection

Power Supply Type: ATX
Total Max Wattage: 350W
Input Voltage: 115/230V(8A/4A)
Input Frequency Range: 60/50Hz
Output: +12V1(10A), +12V2(13A), -12V(0.3A), +5V(20A), +5VSB(2.5A), +3.3V(20A)
1 x 20-Pin ATX System Board Connector
2 x 4-Pin ATX +12V Motherboard Power Connector
4 x 4-Pin Peripheral Power Connector
3 x 15-Pin SATA Power Connector

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 8 in


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