Pelican Products i1075 Rugged, Hardback iPad Case

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Pelican i1075 HardBack Case | Fits iPad cat# i1075 and iPad2

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Pelican i1075 HardBack Case

The HardBack series cases are designed to protect your device against any mishaps. They come equipped with the legendary features of a Pelican case, such as being crush-resistant, watertight, and having an automatic pressure equalization valve. This valve prevents vacuum lock, making it easy to open the case at any altitude.

The HardBack series cases are specifically designed to protect the iPad or iPad2 with a Smart Cover. They are also compatible with Apple iPad1/2 USA chargers, but some chargers and adapters may not fit. The case is watertight, dustproof, and crushproof, thanks to the tight seal created when the case is shut. The easy-open latch remains shut even under pressure or after an impact.

The case also comes with an integrated easel that optimizes hands-free viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical positions. It also has accessory storage, where you can stow power cords and earbuds below the keyboard. This feature allows the case to be used as a portable office. A removable shoulder strap is also included for your convenience.

Finally, the automatic pressure equalization valve balances interior pressure and keeps water out. This valve ensures that your device remains safe and dry. The HardBack series cases come with a lifetime guarantee of excellence, so you can trust that your device will always be protected.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 12.5 in


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Excellent personal communication and product, with overnight delivery provided. Very impressed and highly recommend this company.

Millicent Creech

Great computers, great service! Good prices. This is the place that every college student needs to know about.

Julian D Vigay

These guys are great. They have great prices and are super friendly. I will go back to them again.

Jeremy Bell