NEC VT695 Projector with Remote

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NEC Projector | Remote | VT695

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NEC Projector with Remote

Model: VT695

Are you looking for a portable projector that is easy to set up and use? Look no further than the NEC VT695 portable projector. This projector features a plug-and-play intuitive setup and operation to start your presentation quickly. It also boasts a bright, crisp image quality that makes it easy to view in any application.

The NEC VT695 portable projector is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take anywhere. The body design enhances usability with value-added features to expand your projection capabilities. These features include enhanced wall color correction, fast start-up, and low fan noise.

In addition, the manufacturers marketed the Dukane ImagePro 8777 as the NEC VT695 portable projector. It has 1,055 Lamp Hours used with 47% bulb life remaining, so it still has plenty of life left.

Other features of the NEC VT695 portable projector include versatile, color-coded connections to the computer, video sources, and an external monitor. The projector features automatic keystone correction SquareShot technology, enabling it to project a square image instantly, even when set up at a steep offset angle to the screen. Additionally, Autosense intuitively synchronizes the projector with most computer signals and offers one-touch image optimization. With the intuitive projector keypad, you can change sources and control the entire menu with just one touch.

Overall, the NEC VT695 portable projector is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a high-quality portable projector that is easy to use and packed with features.


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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 10.2 × 4.4 in


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