Fujitsu ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit fi-6X40/6X30 Series

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Fujitsu ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit | fi-6X40/6X30 Series

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Fujitsu ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit

Series: fi-6X40/6X30

The ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit is the ultimate solution for maintaining your scanner's peak performance! This factory-authorized kit comes with all the necessary instructions and cleaning supplies, making it extremely easy to use, even for beginners. The ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit provides replacements for consumables that wear out during everyday use, which means you can say goodbye to the hassle of finding and purchasing individual replacements.

This kit includes genuine Fujitsu products known for their superior quality and reliability. You get one consumable brake roller (PA03540-0001) and one consumable pick roller (PA03540-0002), along with a 100ML bottle of F1 cleaner, 20 cleaning wipes (4x4 inches), ten cloth cleaning sheets, and 100 cleaning swabs. These supplies are carefully selected to ensure your scanner remains in top-notch condition, providing clear and crisp scans every time.

The ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit also doubles as a maintenance kit, so your scanner will continue to run at peak performance for years. With easy-to-follow consumables replacement and cleaning instructions in the kit, you can rest assured that you'll get the most out of your scanner investment.

Invest in the ScanAid Scanner Consumable Kit today and enjoy uninterrupted scanning with top-notch quality!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 10.5 × 4 in


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Great computers, great service! Good prices. This is the place that every college student needs to know about.

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These guys are great. They have great prices and are super friendly. I will go back to them again.

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