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ACE Recycling will pick-up your obsolete or unused electronics that are currently taking up valuable space at no cost to you. We are committed to zero landfill disposal of electronics and electronic components. Through our local partners we recycle all parts of unusable electronic items and extend the life of those items that can be refurbished, re-marketed and/or donated.

Does your company intentionally think about you impact on the environment? In today’s market, it should.


ACE Recycling is committed to securely wiping all data from any devices in accordance with Department of Defense and HIPAA regulations. We can provide an itemized inventory and certificate of destruction upon request. Regain office space, protect the environment and get equipment off your books by recycling with ACE Recycling.

Have a E-Waste Drive for your employees!

Invite employees to collect e-waste from home and include it with your pick-up. We will provide a flier and social media marketing for your drive. We will drop-off pallet(s) and/or gaylords and pick them up after your drive.


Our extensive knowledge of computers allows us to repair and refurbish many electronic components. This allows us to give back to our community by offering affordable computers to the community and contributing to local charities through donations and scholarships. We also participate in local E-Waste Drives to support local schools, charities and non-profits.

Request a Pick-Up

You can schedule a one-time pick-up below or we offer several service plans. We will come pick-up 2 or more times a year at a scheduled time. Learn more by clicking here.

Need an IT Department but can’t afford it?

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