Partnerships & Collaborations

ACE Recycling is all about reusing or recycling everything we can. It is our commitment that everything that passes through our door is recycled to the fullest extent. If we cannot fix it or recycle it, we find a company that can. We are proud that our search has lead us to partnerships with locally owned, start-up businesses.


The circular economy model requires ALL materials are reused, reinvented, repaired, refurbished, or recycled to their fullest extent. A circular economy requires collaboration, as no one company can do it all. The relationships created through our partnerships allow ACE Recycling to offer our customers a full range of recycling, reuse, and reinvent options. With a focus on collaboration, we find ways to benefit each other and the greater good, by zeroing in on environmental issues and reducing waste.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro
ACE Recycling partners Resinate Re-manufacture


Resinate is a re-manufacturing company – they collect plastic waste from local businesses (often ones that don’t have access to a recycling program) and reprocess that waste into 100% recycled plastic products, including planter pots and climbing holds. This saves recyclable plastic from the fate of landfills or incinerators and instead produces a durable, recyclable product.

ACE Recycling is a Resinate Drop-Off Location!



ACE Recycling partners FLI Right

FLI Right

FLI Right seeks to transform the future by building and leading an innovative coalition to develop, mature, demonstrate, and transition technology solutions and services that directly impact the world’s greatest challenges.


Congratulations FLI for being recognized as one of four environmental startups driving the circular economy!

ACE Recycling partners River Crossing Self Storage

River Crossing Self Storage

Month-to-month storage leases & online payment system makes storing your belongings convenient. 24/7 security monitoring, and fully-fenced perimeter give you peace of mind. 

DROP-OFF location for electronic waste to be recycled by ACE Recycling and Expired Car Seats to be recycled in partnership with KidSafe. RIVER CROSSING CANNOT ACCEPT CRT TVs.  For more information please click here.


AZ Complete PCI

AZ Complete PCI offers a full range of commercial AND residential technology services.  They will repair computers, program a remote, set up a television, and deploy Quickbooks. All in the same day. There’s no job too small, and if it’s too big, we know where to look for help!

AZ Complete PCI and it’s associates bring together centuries of restaurant and bar experience to provide you robust, feature-rich, turnkey software solutions. They provide full-service training, deployment and go-live service for your hospitality or retail establishment. They also offer simpler budget-friendly solutions for customers with minimal configuration requirements. Our solutions come complete.