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ACE Recycling Blog: Zeroing in on environmental awareness and impacts

The ACE Recycling Blog is here to inform and educate about ACE Recycling and environmental issues. The goal is to zero in on issues that affect everyday people in a relevant way. One of our goals is to make our audience aware of the effects of electronic waste on our local environment, as well as the environment as a whole.  On our blog page, you will find articles written by ACE informing our community about our business, electronic waste, and other issues affecting us all.  We also hope to teach our audience about a circular economy.  This concept has the potential to create a more sustainable way of life and generate a more stable economy. Please feel free to explore our blog topics.

Check out our News and Articles page for more information. There you will find information on electronic waste and other environmental issues by other authors.  At ACE Recycling we make sure we link to reputable, research-based sources.  We hope you take the time to explore both pages!

#EarthDay2020: Carbon 101

#EarthDay2020: Carbon 101

This blog is part of a series of blogs from ACE Recycling in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  This series focuses on changes you can make to decrease your carbon footprint, lessen your water impact and help the environment. This is done through a...

Meet the Amazing Charlie!!

ACE Recycling is an ultra-small business with only three employees, plus husband and wife owners Shelby and John Maguire.  With a business that small a couple of things are vital, strong communication and a lot of teamwork.  All of us at ACE Recycling wear many hats...