ACE Recycling regrets to report that River Crossing Storage and RV will no longer accept electronic waste drop-offs.  Management has changed and it is currently under construction.  ACE Recycling hopes to renew this partnership when the expansion at River Crossings is complete and construction has finished.  

ACE Recycling is open Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM for electronic waste drop-off.  No appointment is needed.  

ACE Recycling TV and CRT Recycling Fees

Beginning January 1st, 2021, ACE will charge $25 per CRT TV or monitor, $20 per projection TV, and $5 per flat screen TV. As part of our commitment to our environment, ACE Recycling recycles TVs and CRT monitors responsibly. We ship TVs and CRT monitors to COM2 Recycling in Illinois.

TV Recycling

COM2 is one of only a handful of facilities that recycle TVs in North America. Consequently, ACE Recycling has formed a solid relationship with them, shipping thousands of TVs a year. When ACE Recycling ships out a load of TVs for recycling, we pay the shipping cost, and we pay by the pound for the recycling.  ACE and COM2 have to recoup our cost for responsible disposal. As such, TV and CRT monitor recycling is the only thing ACE charges for.

To learn more about TV recycling in the U.S. or find out which type of TV or monitor you have, please read ACE Recycling’s TV Recycling and Disposal article. While it is genuinely our intention to make recycling your electronics as easy and inexpensive as possible, we intend to do the right thing. In this case, doing what is best for our environment comes at a cost. We appreciate your understanding and help in this matter.