What Happens to your E-Waste?

Rest assured that any sensitive data on any device to be recycled will be destroyed in accordance with DoD and HIPAA standards. The security of your data is our priority.

We process electronics in two ways. First, our IT experts determine if the device is re-marketable. As part of our commitment to a circular economy we want to refurbish anything we can.

If the device is re-marketable, a drive wiping tool is used to bypass the boot sequence on the drive and all data is wiped to Department of Defense standards. At no time are hard drives booted to the operating system, therefore there is no access to files.

If the device is not re-marketable, it is completely disassembled. Each component is then processed differently depending on what it is. Hard drives are physically destroyed or go through the wiping process described above.

Want to see us destroy your hard drive? We can do that. Like we said, your security and privacy is our number one priority.