About Us

ACE Recycling was started in 2012 under the name OCM Recycling West by Patty Hannon and Kate Hopeman.  Under their management, the business grew deep community relationships with a commitment to community service though charity work, scholarship programs and the resale of technology at affordable prices to ensure access to all.   

In 2019 John and Shelby Maguire bought the business.  It remains a small, locally owned business.  John has 15+ years of experience in the computer field.  His expertise allows ACE Recycling to reduce the amount of scrap even further, by salvaging and refurbishing even more.  Shelby has a degree in biology and is a veteran AZ teacher.  Her experience allows the company to connect with the community and zero-in on environmental awareness.

John and Shelby are fully committed to continuing the community service tradition established by Patty and Kate.  ACE Recycling will ensure the secure destruction of data on devices and work to continuously improve this aspect.  Additionally, it is a goal to educate about the impacts of electronic waste, here and abroad.  Ultimately, the goal is to keep as much out of landfills through refurbishment and reuse of electronics.  In the event this is not possible, our responsible recycling practices will help to reduce the amount of electronic waste in the environment.  

Our Mission

Act as stewards of our community through service

Commitment to secure data destruction 

Education about electronic waste and its impact

Reduce electronic waste put into the environment

ACE Recycling owners, Shelby and John Maguire